What animal is at the top of the Mercat Cross column at Glasgow Cross? Win a T-shirt
"I lived in Glasgow for 2 years and loved every second of it, and I brought a bit of it home to Canada, my husband!"

"What I found was Pure Glasgow: getting called Pet or Hen can make you feel so at home!"

"My mother-in-law informed me of this site and I have just received a Pure Glasgow tee! It's adorable. She bought it in a salon called ART up in Langside."
“It’s big, it’s beautiful, it’s got the friendliest people on the planet
and a smashing sense of humour – it’s pure glasgow and we love it”

“It should be a ‘man’ on that”

“What Glasgow women need – colour”

“ Nice colours”

“Can I have a girl’s t-shirt with the cones on”

“I like my t-shirt. I wear it a lot”