Francis, the cook on the safari, was given a present to keep. On the equator and the border between Kenya and Uganda, July 2008. Mattias Larson, Artist, visiting Vxj Jack's shop Moya lives in Lancaster Twelve Apostles, Victoria State
Biff in Vietnam, October 2005 Bill Ferguson in Austria Niagra Falls - Jimmy from Glasgow, now living in Birmingham, wearing the t-shirt his wife Rosie won in the first website competition. Thumbs up from Dylan wearing his new t-shirt. Welcome to Glasgow, wee angel!
Lynn & Emma visit NY Biff of the Biff Collection at work Simultan-IT Sean working in London - very cosmopolitan Chantal, Winnipeg lived in Glasgow for 2 years and loved every second.
Pure Glasgow visiting Mimmi from Shanghai, now living in Maglehem, Sweden Gunnar & Lisa, Sweden I did get some pics wearing the t-shirt when I was on the safari. Problem is it looks like Scotland - and yes, it was raining! - Bill Cook Kil Bill - Bill Cook climbed Kilimanjaro in November 2004.
  James Malone born in the Gorbals, resident in West Virginia Jim & Mags at the launch party, Glasgow Claire & Brian, Alaska